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Contributors: Matt, Carla, Nikki, Betty

Effective Instructional Strategies:

LibGuides from Carla

LibGuides: This is a great collaborative resource for Library Media Specialists. This web-based tool allows Media Specialists to organize resources for research projects, as well as create a centralized space for library resources. It is also on excellent space to display summer reading titles. It is very user friendly. There is a fee for this service.
Here is an excellent example from East Lyme High School:
More information about this service can be found at:

Mac Tip from Betty

TextEdit: This is a cool way to let the computer read to students who struggle with reading. For a copy of instructions for the Mac, email Betty at:

Book Stereotyping from Matt mcadorette@waterfordschools.org

I've done this with all the groups that have come in since the start of school.

1. Gather a bunch of different books
2. Ask one of the students to finish the phrase: "Never judge a ....."
3. Talk about book covers as advertising spaces.
4. Differences in judging a paperback versus a hard cover.
5. Understanding what a blurb is
6. Understanding which parts the publisher writes
7. Judging the writing by reading at least 3 paragraphs

Wikis from Nikki
Nicole Giangreco Westbrook High School Library Media Specialist ngiangreco@westbrookctschools.org
Last school year, the summer reading "committee"(and I use this term loosely), decided to get rid of the paper and enter the digital world of wikis. Students, grade 9-12, were to read two selected books from their grade level choices, and ask questions and respond through wikispaces. They were graded with a summer reading rubric. Attached is the information:


Web Sites:

From Matt:
Criteria: FREE

Wordle is fun and free but I can't see how I coyuld use this or tell a teacher to use it.

WallWisher looks like a graphic type of wiki. People can all share and add to the board.

VuVox looks fun, free and but limited. Need to investigate more.


Teaching Strategies:


Brainstorm: How can you bring your library into the 21st Century?

  • Social Media Instruction to share
  • PD day for paras and students
  • iconn audio books
  • ebooks
  • student created projects
  • grant writing
  • utilization of resources collaboration Physical/virtual
  • Library Catalogue Usage
  • HS vs MS
  • Destiny (the catalogue, not the thing that happens when you meet your old flame at Starbucks)
  • Curriculum Development

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